Map management

If you think that drone maps can provide a lot of useful information for those who work in agriculture, you will be impressed by Agremo’s map management options. The Agremo app and the map management options let you create and manage fields and achieve ultimate visibility and tracking optimization. You capture a field with your drone, upload it to the Agremo app, process it, and can immediately start creating value for your clients.

Thanks to the map management feature, you can:

  • Have all fields and maps in one place
  • See reports and maps at one glance
  • Have full insights into mapping data and results
  • Save storage space
  • Save money you would otherwise have to spend on external data transfer solutions

Depending on the kind of plan you choose, you can upload up to 250 maps for up to 250 fields. Check out our plans for more details.

If you belong to an enterprise and need a different solution, let us know about it via and we’ll schedule a free follow-up call with you.