Wheat, barley and Agremo analyses

Wheat and barley have been in among the top 10 crops Agremo users analyze for quite a while. This comes as no surprise, as there is a lot of valuable information barley and wheat farmers get from drone-based analyses.

Thanks to drone-based stand counts for example, it is possible to:

  • Spot potential crop loss areas and use this information to decide whether or not a replant is profitable
  • Evaluate plant emergence and germination
  • Evaluate seed quality
  • Track crop progress throughout the season
  • Evaluate how effective replanting measures were
  • Determine if harvest will be as successful as planned
  • Plan harvest in terms of logistics and resources

But there is more to it than just stand counts. Just like corn, wheat and barley are prone to diseases, weed and other yield-limiting factors throughout the growing season. Once the problem source has been detected, drone-based weed, disease or stress analyses (read more about the difference here) can help you spot infested areas before the affect your yield goal or optimize treatment.

Example reports & Mapping Calendar

 Winter Wheat Stand Count • Wheat Weed Stress (Black Grass) • Wheat Plant Stress

Barley Stand Count • Barley Plant Stress