Sunflowers & Agremo analyses

Some of the drone-based analyses sunflower growers can benefit from are weed analyses, stress analyses, disease analyses and flowering analyses.

Weed analyses let sunflower growers see the precise size and location of infested areas. Armed with this information, growers can improve pesticide and fungicide usage and thus avoid yield loss.

Stress analyses show the size and location of problem areas - problems can be diseases, weeds, pest or any other kind of drawback which results in visible changes, such as changes in leaf color. Similar to this, disease analyses show the size and location of areas with diseases. Both of these analyses help sunflower growers maintain the desired crop performance ratio and react quickly and effectively.

Another very useful analysis for sunflower growers is the drone-based flowering analysis, which helps them determine the best possible harvesting data. With the data from the Agremo flowering analysis, growers get detailed information on the current growing stage. Based on this, is is quicker and easier to determine when to harvest the crops for maximum profit.

To find out when to perform which of these analyses for optimum crop performance, download your free sunflower mapping calendar here!