Sugarcane and Agremo analyses

Sugarcane growers can benefit from drone data and Agremo analyses during various stages of the growing cycle: germination, tillering and growth.

During the germination stage, weed analyses can help growers determine which areas are affected and how much pesticide they will need.

Once the growers move on to tillering, they need to know how the plants are progressing. With the help of stand counts, growers can determine the exact number of plants, which tells them whether or not they are on the right track at this particular moment.

Besides this, plant stress analyses help growers spot low-performing analyses. And if a particular problem is detected, they can analyze the matter further with weed analysesdisease analyses or even pest analyses.

Before harvest comes up, growers should make sure that their plants stay as healthy as possible. At this point, plant stress analyses are a great way to stay up to date about the current plant performance.

This free sugarcane mapping calendar below will tell you when exactly these analyses need to be performed for optimum results. Download it here!

 Stand Count Report • Weed Stress Report