Corn and Agremo analyses

Drone-based analyses are one of the most advanced ways of obtaining crucial crop data and maximizing yield performance. No wonder over 100.000 farmers all over the world are opting for drone-based analyses! Compared to manual work, drone data is much more accurate. And what might be even more important is that is saves a lot of time: within a single day, your drone can capture several hundreds of acres. This lets you analyze every inch of the field in a matter of hours!

Why it’s important to have quick insights about every inch of the field

Diseases in corn, for example, can occur at any time during the growing season and have an enormous impact on your crop’s performance. Gray leaf spot, various forms of rust or Physoderma brown spot are just a few of them. And when the problem is there, the grower needs to react quickly. Click the free corn mapping calendar on the right to find out when to perform which analysis for optimum crop performance.

With traditional scouting methods, it’s virtually impossible to get accurate data on the entire field - walking the whole field often takes too much time. This is why farmers decide to make estimations so that they have at least a vague idea about the status quo. With drone data, scouting becomes faster, much more accurate and you are able to take the guesswork out of it.

Powerful drone-based corn stand counts

Diseases are not the only thing growers are able to fight with the help of drone data. Drone-based stand counts are a fantastic way to pinpoint areas of potential yield loss and take corrective measures during the growing season.

To find out more about the benefits of drone-based stand counts for corn, take a look at our recent blog article here.

Example reports & Corn Mapping Calendar

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