Canola & Agremo analyses

 Similar to corn growers, canola growers are able to obtain very powerful information from stand counts. With the information from the Agremo stand counts, canola growers can:

  • Spot potential crop loss areas
  • Evaluate plant emergence and germination
  • Evaluate seed quality
  • Track crop progress throughout the season
  • Evaluate how effective replanting measures were
  • Determine if harvest will be as successful as planned
  • Plan harvest in terms of logistics and resources

Another powerful drone-based analysis canola growers can benefit from is the Agremo flowering estimator. WIth the help of this analysis, canola growers are able to determine the proper time for swathing and harvesting. This decision is usually a tricky one, as hot and dry weather conditions may cause rapid seed color changes, which is vital to choosing a proper swathing and harvest time. With the help of this report, growers are able to track the current state of the crop in every part of the field and obtain detailed information within a few hours only.

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