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Agremo precision ag tool

To achieve the best possible yields and maintain a healthy ROI, growers need accurate information on a number of things, such as germination rates, the number of plants, potential problem areas or details on disease-infected parts in the field. Drone technology and Agremo analyses offer the perfect conditions to obtain this kind of information: by using this state-of-the-art technology, you no longer have to worry about obtaining useful and accurate data and can rely on the reports to guide you to a bigger ROI and overall savings.


Agremo analyses - your best friend for plant- and crop-related questions

As opposed to traditional methods (such as field scouting or satellite imagery), drone technology combined with Agremo analyses is accurate, less time- and cost-consuming and very simple to use. The reports you get are actionable, easy to understand and offer not only numbers and percentages but also detailed maps so that you know exactly which areas need further attention.

Thanks to Agremo and drone data, users are now able to get actionable and highly accurate data of every inch of the field. This kind of data helps reduce production costs, increase yield and paves the way for a sustainable production cycle.


Plant counting, diseases, weed - find the Agremo analyses that work for you

So far, Agremo has been successfully used with more than 100 plant species on over 100,000 hectares in over 100 countries. To read more about the 9 different analyses offered by Agremo, click here. If you are interested in how to use Agremo and drone data with a specific plant or crop, like corn, wheat or potatoes, click here to read our ultimate tips and tricks for these individual crop and plant types and download your free mapping calendar!


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