Agremo for insurance companies

Drone technology has proven to be a secure way for insurance companies to improve the accuracy of risk and damage assessments in agriculture. By capturing fields with drones and by performing Agremo analyses, scouting becomes faster and much more accurate, as every inch of the field is thoroughly analyzed and evaluated.


Higher accuracy thanks to drone technology and Agremo analyses

Increased accuracy results not only in higher customer satisfaction and fewer disputes between the involved parties, but also in more accurate financial decisions. With no more estimates and guesswork, insurance payments, rates and taxes can be based on pure, reliable facts - which appeals to insurance companies and customers alike.

Here are some of the tasks drone technology and Agremo analyses are able to carry out with significantly higher accuracy compared to traditional methods used in agriculture:

  • Damage identification

  • Crop and yield potential

  • Damage assessment (droughts, floods, diseases etc.)

  • Risk assessment.

Depending on the analysis that has been chosen, Agremo reports show the number of affected plants, as well as the size and the percentage of the total area with lost plants/trees. With these accurate numbers, it is possible to base insurance payouts on exact facts and avoid potential miscalculations.


What exactly can Agremo reports analyze?

Agremo offers different reports from plant counting to disease analyses - so far, more than 100 plant and crop types have been successfully analyzed with Agremo, and the number is increasing on a daily basis. To see all Agremo analyses and read more about their benefits, click here.


Success story: damage assessment after Hurricane Maria  

In 2017, Agremo has helped Caribbean farmers assess damages after Hurricane Maria. Click here to read the case on our blog.


Implementation and help

Using Agremo is secure, the analyses are fully customizable and the app is simple to integrate with other third-party apps. Reports can include your company logo and you can benefit from our assistance with managing upcoming ag projects and providing training sessions and workshops for your team members.


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