Agremo for input producers

The benefits of today’s drone technology for agriculture are immense. Simply by using drones and drone data, it is possible to take the guesswork out of the equation, allowing input producers and growers of all kinds to work with solid facts and aim for better results in the field.


Benefits of drones and Agremo analyses

Price-dumping, revenue drops, CLTV, customer loyalty, competitive markets - these are just some of the segments where drone data can provide helpful insights. Agremo allows businesses to choose between a variety of different reports, which provide detailed result maps and accurate numbers on whatever topic currently matters to you and your business: plant counting, diseases, weed, water stress and many more. To read more about the different Agremo analyses, click here.

Agremo reports will help your business to:

  • Successfully monitor R&D fields

  • Increase market share without falling prey to price dumping

  • Increase revenue and profit margins

  • Improve CLTV and customer loyalty

  • Increase brand strength and establish your business as the go-to place for customers

  • Keep up with industry trends and outgrow competitors


Initial requirements and successful implementation

The technical side of implementing drone technology and Agremo reports is rather simple and does not entail more than a drone, a computer with internet access and some initial training to help you make the most of the Agremo app and your data.

Using Agremo is secure, the analyses are customizable and the app is simple to integrate with other third-party apps. Reports can include your company logo and you can benefit from our assistance with managing upcoming ag projects and providing training sessions and workshops for your team members.


Not sure how to implement drones and Agremo reports into your business?

Drone data and Agremo analyses can be a great addition to many small and large-scale businesses. To find out how this technology can benefit you and your business, write to us at and schedule a commitment-free chat with one of our team members.