Agremo for Forestry Industry

With trees taking years or even decades until they are ready to be cut, it is vital to monitor the trees at all times and acquires accurate information on the quality and the quantity of the trees.

However, as forests are often large in size and sometimes not easily accessible, many forest management companies are having difficulties with obtaining reliable monitoring data at a reasonable price and within an acceptable time frame. Unfortunately, most traditional measures like manual analyses simply take up too much time and often entail substantial financial investments. And on top of this, there is very little guarantee that the obtained numbers are actually true.

But unlike traditional methods, drones and Agremo analyses offer quick and reliable data that allow forest management companies to effectively monitor trees and maintain a solid ROI.


How drone technology apps like Agremo help with forest management?

Here’s a short overview of some of the most frequent ways of how forest management companies use drone technology and Agremo analyses. The data in this table was obtained by analyzing and comparing numerous case studies we did with several tree species and different forest sizes.



How this data can be used

Obtaining an accurate number of trees

Spotting low-performing areas to perform improvement measures and obtaining accurate inventory data

Determining the seedling survival rate

Determining how many seedlings have survived the winter/summer in order to perform accurate forecasts and apply timely improvement measures

Analyzing stocking levels for thinning purposes and thinning zones

Spotting dense areas in order to determine which trees to cut and thus support the growth rate and health of the remaining trees

Estimating lumber potential

Assessing and labeling trees to optimally decide which ones to cut; based on this, it is possible to perform valuable revenue forecasts

Damage assessment and fire risk (coming soon!)

Assessing damages after fires or other natural disasters and spotting potential risk zones

Which tree species can be analyzed with Agremo?

 There are almost no restrictions as to which tree species you can analyze with drone technology and Agremo. So far, we have analyzed species like Douglas fir, Douglas Western Hemlock, Norway Spruce, Alder, and various Christmas trees, yet the app is able to analyze many other species. Note that in order for the analyses to be entirely accurate, the area that is about to be analyzed needs to be populated by one species only.


Want to see an example?

If so read the story of our drone companies Falcon Aerial Data and TimberDrone, US-based companies who are helping forestry management companies improve their operations with the use of drone technology and Agremo analyses. Click here to read their story on our blog.


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