How to upload maps

Using drone data technology might seem difficult at first, but guides like this can help you get a good grasp of it in a matter of minutes. The following guide will tell you how to easily upload maps to the Agremo app and what requirements need to be met.


1. Upload only stitched images

Professional drone data software solutions like Agremo process maps, and not raw images. Maps are obtained by stitching individual images together using a stitching software solution. Most Agremo users use DroneDeploy’s stitching tool to stitch their images together, but you can use any available stitching service of your choice.

If you choose to use DroneDeploy to stitch your images together, you will receive a ZIP folder with different files in it. To upload your map to the Agremo app, simply upload the entire ZIP folder you have received from DroneDeploy to the Agremo app via

In case you choose to use different stitching provider such as Pix4D, Agisoft, Maps Made Easy or any other, make sure the ZIP file you upload to the Agremo app contains georeferenced images.


2. Certain image projections take less time to upload

The Agremo app accepts images in all kinds of projections, but the fastest upload is achieved with images in EPSG: 4326 projection.


3. The app works best with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Sometimes the browser you’re using can affect the app’s functionalities. To avoid potential mishaps, we recommend using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.