Join an Organization

Work as a part of an organization or enterprise umbrella account on Agremo

Working as a part of a team has brings many benefits. Often your work requires collaboration, different roles, and good old teamwork.  If someone invited you to join their team on Agremo App, all you have to do is follow these few simple steps



You will receive notification mail. Clicking on the ACCEPT link in the email you will be redirected to Agremo application. Do not delete the email as you will need it in the last step.


After redirecting you will land the registration page. Click on Create an Agremo account.


Set up your profile and preferences just the way you like.


You can choose STARTER plan, as soon you will join your organization and enjoy all the benefits of its account.


Once you create an account, you will be logged into the application


After you have finished setting up your account and logged into the Agremo App, the final step is to join your Organization. Go back to STEP 1 and click again on the link ACCEPT in the email. After this step, you will be a part of your Organization.