Supported drones, sensors and cameras

Supported sensors

Agremo analyses don't require any additional equipment and can be requested with images captured with common commercial drones, both fixed wing or multi-rotors. Many users choose to capture fields with DJI drones, but you're free to choose the drone type that best works for you, as long as the image quality is around 0.9 in per pixel or 2.5 cm per pixel.

Besides this, you don't have to use or purchase specific sensors or cameras. Agremo analyses work with every available RGB sensor, which is the kind of sensor that comes with every DJI drone. Apart from RGB sensors, Agremo analyses also support thermal, NIR or multispectral sensors, regardless of the manufacturer.


  • Sentera sensors

  • SlantRange sensors

  • Mapir sensors

  • Micasense RedEdge sensors

  • Parrot Sequioa +

  • ...

RGB Cameras:

  • Sony (A6000, Sony A6300, RX100 V...)

  • Canon ( G7 X, G5 X, M6, ... )

  • Panasonic (Lumix DMC-lx5, Lumix DMC-LX7...)

  • Hasselblad (A6D-100c, H6D-400C...)

  • Nikon (D5600, D5500...)

  • Olympus (E-PL7, E-PL8...)

  • Zenmuse XT

  • Zenmuse XT2

  • Zenmuse X3

  • Zenmuse X4S

  • Zenmuse X5

  • Zenmuse X5S

  • Zenmuse X7


     Supported drones

     Argemo works with every drone capable of making orthophoto maps. This means that Agremo can work with multirotor and fixed-wing drones.


  • Mavic series

Mavic Air

Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro Platinum

Mavic 2 Pro

Mavic 2 Zoom

Mavic 2 Air

  • Phantom series

Phantom 3 Advanced

Phantom 4

Phantom 4 Advanced

Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

  • Inspire series

Inspire 1

Inspire 2

Inspire 1 Pro/Raw

  • Matrice series

Matrice 100 (X3, X5)

Matrice 200 (X4S, X5S, XT, XT2)

Matrice 210 (X4S, X5S, XT, XT2)

Matrice 210 RTK (X4S, X5S, XT, XT2)

Matrice 600 (X3, X5)


  • Typhoon 4K

  • Typhoon H

  • H920 PLUS


  • Anafi

  • eBee fix-wing drone

Precision Hawk

  • BirdsEyeView FireFLY6 Pro

  • Lancaster 5


  • UX5 HP

  • UX5

Easy map uav

  • Easy map

  • Masterfly

  • Micromap

  • Rotomap


  • PowerEye


  • AgEagle RX-60

  • AgEagle RX-47


And many more multirotor and fix-wings drones