Analysis processing time & priority

Processing time depends on several factors:
  • Processing priority of the obtained plan - Starter has the lowes while the Enterprise has the highest priority (Starter - Drone Plus - Drone Pro - Enterprise)
  • Quality of the image - Agremo requirement is 2.5cm/pix GSD, for some cases can be lower resolution e.g. 5cm/pix for tree counting
  • Plant's growth stage and type of the requested analysis. Our required plant height is 12 cm or 5 in. Some of the analyses are more challenging to perform in early or late stages of development, thus might need longer to process.
  • Analysis queue - a line of analyses waiting to be processed. Each analysis request takes a spot in line per their priority from the first point of this list and waits to be processed.
Processing priorities work in a similar way as "Fastpass" in museums or amusement parks. When you get in the queue, you have the priority over the folks with regular tickets, but you cannot step in front of someone with the same ticket or the "higher" ticket than yours. Processing priority of higher plan doesn't guarantee that your analysis will be done faster than the determined timeframe which is up to 2 days, but chances for that are higher than for owners of the lower processing priority plans. Also, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will get your results back in 2 business days if you have a lower priority plan, as it often happens that even the users with lower priority get their results back in the same day.
Usual processing time is up to 2 business days. For smaller areas, processing time can be even shorter, if the necessary requirements are met.
Processing time for forests and nurseries can be up to 5 business days, depending on the obtained plan and number of requested analyses.