Getting Started with Agremo


What is Agremo?

Agremo is a cloud-based software platform which uses insights extracted from drone-collected imagery to improve agricultural processes. With the help of our analyses - which include many plant counting and plant health analyses - growers, agricultural consultants, drone operators, and insurance companies are able to successfully plan, monitor and analyze agricultural activities and find out what is happening on their field at any given moment throughout the growing season.

Agremo analyses are requested by uploading a drone collected map to the Agremo web app or the Agremo app on DroneDeploy and the results are easy to understand and provide actionable information.


Who can use Agremo's services?

Many of our users either work in agriculture (as growers, agronomists, or associates for insurance companies or input producers) or operate as drone service providers. Previous knowledge about drones or agriculture can be a big plus but are not required. One of the great things about Agremo reports is that no previous agriculture or drone experience is required in order to understand the app or the report's results. Click here to learn more about the equipment you need or read more about the image requirements. To learn more about when to perform which analysis, check out some examples by clicking here.


How do Agremo analyses work?

The computer vision and machine learning algorithms that stand behind the Agremo app have been developed in close collaborations with academic institutions and remote sensing experts. To assure a high level of accuracy, Agremo's algorithms take multiple factors into account and go beyond mere NDVI insights. Another big plus is that every report is reviewed by internal ag experts prior to sending it to you.


What do I need to start using drones in agriculture and Agremo analyses?

You'll need: a drone, a computer with internet access and a little bit of time.

Use a commercial drone to create a map of the field you want to analyze, stitch the images together (you can use any stitching tool you like - many of our users use DroneDeploy) and upload it to Agremo. From there on, you can choose the analysis you want to perform and enter map details or special requests. Depending on your pricing plan, your analysis will be ready in 1 to 2 business days. Read which drone, camera and sensor we recommend.


How do I set up Agremo for the first time?

1. Log on to Agremo.

2. Upload your stitched, georeferenced images.

3. Mark area of interest

4. Select the analysis you wish to perform.

For more information, please visit How to use the Agremo app.


Where can I see examples of Agremo analyses?

Please visit the Example section.


How accurate are the results of Agremo analyses?

All our analyses are done by our own developed software and double checked by our inhouse agronomists. This way we manage to keep our error margin around 1%. 

Do I need previous experience with drones or agriculture to understand Agremo analyses?

Knowing a thing or two about drones or agriculture is an advantage, but not necessarily required. If you need additional help with using drones in agriculture, check out the examples of Agremo report and cases here.


Which plants or crops can I analyze with Agremo?

So far, we have analyzed over 100 plant and crop types, including corn, wheat, soybeans, sugarcane, sugar beets, potatoes, and forest trees. The required minimum plant height is 5 in or 12 cm.


Where can I learn more about when to perform which analysis for a particular plant or crop type?

Please visit the example section with mapping tips, mapping calendars, and other useful information by clicking here.


How large does the field I want to analyze have to be?

The minimum value is 10 acres.


Where can I request Agremo analyses?

You can request Agremo analyses either via the Agremo app on DroneDeploy (link) or via the Agremo web app (link). The Agremo web app lets you store all maps in one place and make use of various other useful features, such as the map comparison tool, shapefile export, results sharing and many more.


What are the benefits of the Agremo web app?

With the Agremo web app (available here), you can store and manage all your maps in one place, and even allow clients to have direct access to the results you want to share with them. The subscription plans further allow you to export shapefiles, compare maps from different time periods on the same screen, add organization option, add your company logo to the report and many more. For more information, go to our pricing page


How much do the analyses cost?

Please visit our pricing page for more information.