Maps we cannot process

If you have received a notification mail stating that your image could not be processed, don’t worry. Make sure you have eliminated the following factors which usually cause analyses to fail and simply resubmit your image:

Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Low-resolution image
  • Low-quality Image (blurry)
  • More than one crop species on image
  • Object blocking area view (shadow, house, anti-hail wire)
  • Poor visibility due to weather conditions (clouds)
  • Premature crops (hard to detect)
  • Canopy cover missing


We recommend an RGB camera. It is very affordable and all AgriSens analyses can be done with it.




Use the flight altitudes which allow you to obtain a resolution of a 2.5cm/pixel. Read more about it in the Capturing & Uploading data section



 Low resolution and a blurry map 

Poorly stitched map with blurry areas 

Hardly detectable premature crops 

 Objects blocking area view - Hail wire mash

Trees without canopy 

NDVI images already processed by a 3rd party software