Pricing Method

How does pricing work?

Agremo analyses are charged per analyzed acre and each analysis request, even it is on the same map, is considered as an individual request and charged separately. All Agremo analyses cost the same for all plant species.

There are two options for purchasing Agremo analysis:

  1.       Pay per request
  2.       Subscription package

Pay per request – a user is paying directly for each analysis and price per analyzed acre is $2 with minimum job rule applied.

Example - there is a 10-acre field and you request for Stand Count and Plant disease report.  

Stand count: 10 x $2 = $20

Plant Disease: 10 x $2 = $20

Subscription package – Agremo has two packages Drone Plus/Drone Pro which are including 100/1000 acre for analyses. When you request for the analysis on a certain area that same amount of acres is deducted from the account. After you spend your included acres, you can analyze more with PAY PER REQUEST option but now you have a special discount so the price is $1.5/acre on Drone Plus or $1.25/acre on Drone Pro with minimum job rule. 

Example - there is 30 hectares field and you request for both Plant Population and Weed Stress analysis - 60 hectares are going to be deducted from your user account, 30 ha for Plant Population and 30 ha for Weed Stress. In case you are not a subscribed user or you are out of subscribed acres/hectares, you will be sent to a payment processor page to complete the payment after each analysis request.