Agremo Web App vs. the Agremo app on DroneDeploy

Agremo is available as a web app on the Agremo website, and as an app on the DroneDeploy app market.

The Agremo app on DroneDeploy allows you to upload maps and request all Agremo analyses. You obtain a regular Agremo report.

The Agremo web app, available on the Agremo website, lets you upload, store and manage all your fields and analyses in one place. You upload stitched images, request analyses, manage results and benefit from a plethora of simple and useful features. You can download your results as JPG and PDF files, export shapefiles, share results and maps with clients and colleagues and even compare maps from different time periods on the same screen. A detailed description of the Agremo Web App features is available here.

Try the Agremo web app with the available demo fields by creating an account here. To access and use the Agremo app on the DroneDeploy app market, click here.